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Sinus Buster

Sinus Buster is the world's first capsaicin pepper nasal spray designed to relieve headaches, allergies and sinus problems. Sinus Buster was created by Wayne Perry, a self-defense instructor who suffered from cluster headaches and sinusitis, accidentally discovered his own cure - hot peppers. Sinus Buster is a leader in the science of natural health. Sinus Buster design and market a unique line of homeopathic herbal based nutritional products incorporating "Capsaicin" (hot pepper extract) as a main active ingredient. Some of the quality products of sierrassil include Sinus Genie Nasal Rinse Salts; Sinus Genie Capsaicin Nasal Rinse Mix etc. Herbspro.com is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.