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Instant Hand sanitizer 500 ml By YDBY

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Description: Instant Hand Sanitizer is a must have product for 24x7 hygiene. It gives you protection from illness causing germs and SWINE FLU. No need of Water. Use it anywhere, anytime at Home, Office, College etc. It's a compact Pocket size Pack to carry anywhere while travelling. Think hand hygiene. Think labon. Labon instant hand sanitizer disinfects your hand and reduces the risk of infection by killing 99.99% of most common germs instantly. It reduces the bacteria on the skin, leaving your hands clean, soft and fresh all times. Stericlean-M Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel  is protection on the go whether you are using a public toilet, public transport or simply eating outside use. Stericlean-m hand cleanser gel that offers water-less protection against germs. Stericlean-m hand cleanser gel is specially formulated to protect you from 100 illness causing germs without the use of soap and water. This rinse free and non-sticky gel.



  • Kills 99.99% germs. 
  • Instantly without soap or water.
  • Completely non sticky with refreshing fragrance.
  • 70% Alcohol.

Suggestion: Wet Hands Thoroughly With Product. Briskly Rub Hands Together Until Dry.


Disclaimer: offers nationally branded products that are produced according to manufacturing standards set by regulators at everyday low prices. Do not use unproven, unbranded products, which can pose serious risks to your health.

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