Auroshikha Candles and Incense

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Auroshikha Candles and Incense was founded in 1980 to make the extraordinary Auroshikha Incense fragrances from Pondicherry, India available to the North American market. It was a unique collaboration of the Canadian importer and the US importer to provide a single, unified source that would be able to act as a central warehouse and supply for this product line. Since that time, Auroma has also developed an extensive line of products in the field of Ayurveda including the world-famous Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap and the Herbal Vedic product line. It maintains its goal of representing the finest quality products from India to provide the ultimate experience in aromatherapy and ayurvedic lifestyle. Flower Candles, Chandrika Soaps, Herbal Vedic Products, etc. are some of its top selling products. is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.