Cold Sores Begone

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Cold Sores

, also known as fever blisters, are unsightly and embarrassing. In the early 1990's, Robin researched what herbs and healing methods might diminish or shorten cold sore infections. With no science background, yet resourceful and tenacious, she found clinical studies from Germany indicating certain herbs held promise in the early treatment of herpes simplex infections. The herbs were easily obtainable, and Robin created a topical concoction in her kitchen to have ready for the next occurrence. Today, still a small company, and without the advertising budget of larger companies, Cold Sores Begonea and Canker Sores Begonea has now sold in the hundreds of thousands of bottles due to word of mouth, website exposure, store placement, and magazine product articles and reviews. She finds it immensely fulfilling to hear from customers that Cold Sores Begonea and Canker Sores Begonea have improved the quality of their lives.