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EO was founded by Brad Black and Susan Griffin-Black twenty years ago. EO stands for essential oils and they are the heart and soul of everything for what they do at EO products. Susan and Brad decided to name their company EO for the essential oils that were both their first products and the heart and soul of everything they would create. They chose the motto: Love Life, Live Clean. They felt that simple statement explained the purpose of their vision. Here at EO is dedicated to making personal care products that nurture the people that use them, respect people that make them and honor the planet we all share. EO products are always free from synthetic fragrances and are only scented with pure essential oils. They will never use harmful synthetic fragrances ever. Not only do essential oils smell better than synthetics, they promote mind/body/spirit wellbeing with their aromatherapeutic effects. Herbspro.com is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.