Fairy LiceMothers

Fairy LiceMothers are dedicated to eliminating the persistent lice problem and educating the community on the use of safe and effective treatments. Fairy LiceMothers started the business in Oceanside, Long Island in early 2008 as an in-home lice removal service. Because of high demand for quality service, they have now opened up first lice treatment center located in Oceanside. Fairy LiceMothers are trained by a non-profit lice research facility that conducts research on lice and lice products. Fairy LiceMothers use natural and safe products that do not contain any toxic chemicals. The removal process is the Shepherd Method which is a strand by strand approach to ensure all visible nits are removed. Fairy LiceMothers goal is to help you get rid of this problem. Herbspro.com is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.