Greens World Inc

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Greens World, Inc. was founded by Dr. Coco March, Dr. March recommend many different solutions for her patients, but found a common theme. Many patients had a hard time eating the quantity of servings of fresh foods she recommended. Additionally, many of the supplements she suggested to her patients were reported as tasting terrible. Greens World, designs and formulates nutritional supplement products from natural ingredients using a sound scientific foundation. Their innovative group of individuals are concerned about health and share backgrounds in nutrition, herbs, chemistry, and business. Today, Greens World serves not only the population with ailments, but an even broader base of health conscious consumers looking for high quality supplements with superior taste. Greens World specialize in the manufacture of dietary supplements in the forms of high antioxidant powdered drink mixes. Their laboratory analysis department can blend to the potency and efficacy of whole or standardized herbs, vitamins, minerals as well as fruits and vegetables to ensure that the customers obtain the exact taste and result they are looking for. is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.