Herbal Destination

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Herbal Destination's founders Sharvani, Julie, and Bharathi have committed themselves to providing the finest quality products by demanding excellence from everyone associated with the company. Herbal Destination is a 100% women owned company. All of the products are manufactured with highest quality at cGMP certified locations under the able team consisting of Ayurvedic vaidyas, scientists, bio-chemists and micro-biologists. Herbal Destination creates the finest quality natural herbal supplements, skincare products, using eastern Ayurvedic holistic life traditions combined within modern western conveniences. Herbal Destination philosophy revolves around the rules of nature and self help, with Ayurveda as the core foundation. Herbspro.com is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.
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Herbal Destination

Tumeric Hrx

Herbal Destination Tumeric Hrx 60 vcaps
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