Hobe Labs

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Hobe Laboratories, Inc. has been producing all-natural health and beauty products of unsurpassed quality and originality since 1975. Hobe Laboratories, Inc have long been recognized as a pioneer in the multi-billion dollar health and beauty industry and in most cases their innovative products have set the standard for all others that have followed. As a result of their continuing emphasis on research and development, Hobe Laboratories have achieved an exceptional reputation in the natural products industry as an innovator of unique formulas in several product categories. A synergisitc blend of natural botanicals, herbs, and oils are infused with their own proprietary Bio-Ferm Herbal Complex to further enhance the line's effectiveness. This eco-friendly line is paraben-free and doesn't use any artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. Hobe Laboratories company maintains a strict philosophy that the products must have a defined purpose, utilize natural ingredients, and not be tested on animals. Herbspro.com is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.