Natural Factors

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Natural Factors serves customers throughout the USA from US Sales & Distribution Center in Everett, Washington. Natural Factors is renowned for developing condition-specific solutions for consumer's most common health concerns. Natural Factors is one of the very few manufacturers in North America with softgel encapsulating facilities and expertise, allowing to provide many of the supplements in this popular form. In addition to tablets and capsules, they also produce powders, tinctures, liquids and syrups. At Natural Factors, the quality, purity and efficacy of the products is very seriously taken care. From the growing or sourcing of raw materials, to the finished, packaged goods, they follow a rigorous process that ensures the customers to receive only the best products. The medical and scientific expertise found at Natural Factors may be attributed to medical and naturopathic physicians, herbalist, formulators and nutritionists that all contribute to the development of every Natural Factors product. is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.