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The name Olbas is an acronym for Oleum Basileum, "Oil from Basle". Basle is nestled on the border of Switzerland, Germany and France in the very heart of Europe, and to this day is a center of pharmaceutical research in Switzerland. Over the years, Olbas has found its way into the far reaches of the earth. From England to Australia, from South Africa to Sweden, Olbas has truly become an internationally favorite remedy. In the United States, Olbas has been available for over 60 years. Olbas provides fast, effective relief from colds, flu & allergies, as well as aches & pains. Olbas Oil originated in Basel, Switzerland over 100 years ago, and continues to be a European and worldwide favorite. Olbas Product line consists of Olbas Oil, Olbas Pastilles, Olbas Cough Syrup, and Olbas Herbal Bath. Herbspro.com is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.