Soothing Touch

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Soothing Touch has worked with massage therapists for the past 30 years to create the highest quality professional massage products available. Their complete line reflects on the dedication to quality and includes Massage Creams, Salt,and Sugar Scrubs, Oils and Lotions. Soothing Touch Massage Creams offer a deeply moisturizing, long lasting glide that is enhanced with herbs and essential oils and easy to clean up. Each Massage Cream is matched with a pre-mixed Salt Scrub for the perfect combination package. Their therapeutic water-dispersible Massage Oils are Ayurvedically balanced and highly absorbent for healthier skin and a deeper massage. Soothing Touch Massage Lotions are nutritious, non-greasy and infused with pure herbal extracts for a perfect massage tool. is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.
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Soothing Touch

Bath Salts

Soothing Touch Bath Salts Soak Muscle 32 Oz
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