Tea Tree Therapy

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All Tea Tree Therapy products are made only from the species "Melaleuca Alternifolia." Considered by many users to be most theurapeutic of the 100 and more varieties of tea tree plants. In addition all Tea Tree Therapy Products are made with 100% Pure Therapeutic grade antiseptic essential oil Terpinen-4-ol min 36% Cineole Average -3%. A higher standard than mandated by the Australian goverment for Tea Tree products. All Tea Tree Therapy products are researched and trialed for your safety without any animal testing. All Tea Tree Therapy Line of Products Include Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream, Pure Tea Tree Oil, Natural Toothpaste, Eucalyptus Soap, etc. are some of its top selling products. Herbspro.com is proud to carry the entire range of this fine brand.