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Healthy Heart Tonic 4 Oz By Herb Pharm

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Product Description

  • Herbal Supplement
  • Liquid Herbal Extract
  • Supports Healthy Function of Heart & Circulation*

Product Benefits

These herbs are never fumigated or irradiated.


Ingredients:extracts of:
Hawthorn berry, leaf & flower (Crataegus spp.)
Cactus stem (Selenicereus spp.)
Motherwort leaf & flower (Leonurus cardiaca)
Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale)

Other Ingredients: certified organic grain alcohol & distilled water.


Shake Well Before Using Two to four times per day take 30 to 40 drops in a little water.

Special Note

This compound is a restorative & nutritive tonic for the heart specifically, and the circulatory vessels in general. Although not a specific therapy for any one heart condition, it s still very much recommended as supportive therapy in any functional derangement of the heart such as supportive therapy in any functional derangement of the heart such as supportive therapy in any functional derangement of the heart such as: angina, valvular deficiency(with or without enlargement ), endo-mycarditis & pericarditis, tachycardia, “rheumatic heart,” cardiac neuralgia, palpitation, “heart weakness” & associated neurasthenia. It also serves well as adjunct therapy in the treatment of hypertension. In order to ensure that we always sell the freshest product possible, Herb Pharm's has made it a policy to make sure that nothing sits on the shelf too long, so the 8oz sizes and larger get poured only when there is a request for them. This would mean that an order for a special pour on 8oz and larger will take an additional 2 days to get processed


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

My father was prescribed by our doctor to take separate medication for high blood, high cholesterol and for healthy heart muscle. This product can also do these functions to my father heart, he was really happy not to take 3 different medications for his heart. This product is herbal and easily taken with water. For the past 2 months, my dad has been taking this dail. The improvement in his blood pressure is surprisingly fast and his cholesterol level remained at a normal level. No words can explain how happy we are seeing my father with his improved health. I definitely recommend this product to other users who need supplements for their heart.

Incredible !!!

This product was recommended to me by my friend. He told me that this product is very effective for those who have heart problems. This is the product I have been looking for since my mother has been diagnosed with Arrhythmias. She always experiences dizziness, palpitations and over fatigue. But when she already took the tonic, she already felt relief slowly but continuously. I suggest that she continues the treatment until we are sure that she is fine. Now, we do not need to worry anymore as we can see that her condition became stable. Thanks to this product, it really helped my mom. I would definitely order more of this.

Nice Product

Before finding out about this amazing tonic, I have been taking Hawthorn berry extracts in capsule form. Although I must say that the capsule form is more convenient and easier to take, sometimes I just prefer trying out different ways of taking it. I asked my doctor if he could recommend any other Hawthorn berry extracts for me, since he knew that I was eager to try a different one, he told me that I could try out the tonic form of it. I searched the internet and found Herb Pharm’s Healthy Heart Tonic. It also has the Hawthorn berry extract I’m looking for so I purchased one. This might be pricey for some, but I am still contented on the benefits it provides me.

Incredible !!!

Heart problems are really common in our family and I wasn't exempted from it. Although I am not suffering from any heart problems - yet - I have been suffering from high cholesterol and high blood pressure for almost 10 years already before I discovered this wonderful product. I was really disappointed with my prescribed medicines since it feels like it's just a maintenance for my heart so I asked my doctor if he can recommend any good herbal supplement and he recommended this Healthy Heart Tonic of Herb Pharm. It's about 2 years already since I started taking this product. Although I do not follow the prescribed drops (only 20 - 25 drops), it did help with my health problems. I highly recommend this product!

Incredible !!!

I have arrhythmia since I was young, this caused my heart to beat irregularly,either faster or slower than normal. My doctor recommended this “Healthy Heart Tonic 4 Oz” to help me reduce my arrhythmia. Whenever I can feel my heart going crazy, sometimes with breathing difficulties I take this product this makes me feel much better and stronger. After taking this product my heart beat went normal. I am so happy that my doctor prescribed me with this medicine. It has helped me a lot with my health. I definitely recommend this product to others that have the same problem as I have. You should try this it’s worth it buying.

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