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Route Package Protection
Carol Baker (Holbrook, US)

Great product, fast shipping. Thanks!

Pre electric shaver

Good product

Tinactin Antifungal Jock Itch Powder Spray 4.6 oz By Claritin

Diphenhydramine HCL 1000 Caps By SDA Labs

Super Strength Oreganol 0.45 OZ By North American Herb & Spice

Glycine Powder 1 Lb. By Now Foods
John Cashman (Nha Trang, VN)

Glycine Powder 1 Lb. By Now Foods

Green Phyto-Base Powder 66 Day supply 2.2 Lbs By All One?

I have been taking All on vitamins for thirty years. They are the best. I have tried
other brands. But I only feel the real difference with all one.

Great product

Loved my Melatonin gummies, pleasant taste and makes falling asleep so easy. Took a while to process and be delivered but worth it in the end.

Zand Herbal Mist Throat Spray is the only throat spray that my family has used for years! It's the only brand of throat sprays on the market that gives you instant relief and helps to protect us from developing an intense sore throat. Thank You!

Route Package Protection
Yeni Garcia (Tamarac, US)

Route Package Protection

Old Spice Classic Deodorant Stick Original Scent 3.25 oz By Old Spice

Hawthorne Tea

Wonderful! Holistic and soothing.

One Antacid + Anti-Gas Lemon Mint 50 Chews By Mylanta

Great stuff!

Use it almost everyday. Gives me an extra boost!

Pomi T 60 Vcaps By Pomi-T
Hoe Tong Thio (Singapore, SG)
Great Wonderful Supplemental Pomi-T

I’ve been using this medicine for over the last 7 years, 2 capsules a day. It has kept my PSA below 0.5 for the last 15 years. Thanks for this wonderful supplement.

Route Package Protection
Janina Strukowski (Kitchener, CA)

Route Package Protection

Disney Mickey Mouse Waterproof Bandages 15 Count By Band-Aid

Shark Cartilage 300 caps By Olympian Labs
Thi Hien Ho (Montreal, CA)

Shark Cartilage 300 caps By Olympian Labs

Tylenol Pm Caplets 100 Caps By Tylenol
James Reardon (Auckland, NZ)
Good Sleep

A great combination of pain remedy and a relaxer. Plus it’s short acting, no hangover and doesn’t knock you out.
Great sleeper for old people. Jim

Ice Chips Candy Cranberry 1.76 oz By Ice Chips Candy
Kopacz (City of Saint Peters, US)
Cranberry Ice Chips are "Berry" Tasty

The cranberry flavor is a good mix of sweet and tart. Like all the Ice Chips, they are easy on your teeth and blood sugar level.


After reading some negative reviews I was a bit skeptical but my offer arrived quickly and well packaged. Very happy and will order more.

Bay Rum Lucky Tiger

Fast shipping, all perfect!

The lancet has several needles in the barrel. No need to replace every time.

My husband is a diabetic and disliked the original lancet that came with his monitor. It required you to change the lancet every time. He is much happier with the fastclix.

Perfect delivery

Perfekt delivery


We can no longer buy this in the UK and it is the only thing that calms down my nerve damaged arm. Fantastic to find this US company who ships to UK. Can now sleep for more than 3hours at a time as Biofreeze is the best product on the market for my condition.

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