Eczema Relief - Dermatologist Recommended Brand


Eczema Relief - Dermatologist Recommended Brand

Eczema is a skin disorder that causes dry, flaky, red patches of skin to develop and blisters and skin ulcers. It can affect any part of the body and is usually brought on by a mix of genetics and immune system triggers such as allergies or contact with irritants. According to the National Eczema Association, it is a very frustrating ailment that affects over 30 million Americans.

Eczema is a reactive skin pattern that develops in various disorders rather than a specific health condition. On top of red, elevated plaques, red, raised small blisters with a clear fluid appear. The damaged skin will weep and ooze as the blisters rupture. The blisters are less apparent in older eczema, chronic eczema, and the skin is thicker, raised, and scaling. Eczema is almost usually itchy.

Is Eczema Contagious?

Eczema is an infectious skin condition. It is impossible to "catch it" from someone else. While the actual etiology of eczema is unknown, researchers do know that it is caused by a combination of genes and environmental triggers in people who get it.

Inflammation occurs when an irritant or allergen from the outside or inside the body "turns on" the immune system. This inflammation causes the symptoms of most kinds of eczema.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone's eczema and symptoms are unique. Your eczema may appear differently on you than it does on another adult or your child. Eczema can manifest itself in various ways and different parts of the body at different periods.

The itching might be modest to severe for many people. However, in certain circumstances, it can get considerably worse, resulting in severely irritated skin. When the itch is severe enough, they scratch it until it bleeds, aggravating eczema. The "itch-scratch cycle" is what it is called.

You can have all of the eczema symptoms or just a few. You may experience occasional flare-ups, or your symptoms may completely disappear. Consult with a medical expert who can examine your skin and ask about your symptoms to determine if you have eczema.

Is Eczema Curable?

Eczema does not have a cure, but it does have treatments. These therapies include over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, topical prescription products, phototherapy, and immunosuppressants. What the patient needs would depend on the age and severity of eczema.

Eucerin as a Brand

Eucerin is one of the top companies that offer products providing effective relief against eczema.

Is Eucerin Good for Tattoos? Maria João Lima, Marketing Pharma of Beiersdorf Portugal (the mother company that owns Eucerin), describes the brand as:

"Eucerin is a brand that dedicates all its expertise to the needs of our skin. Through the development of clinically proven dermo-cosmetic solutions, Eucerin products protect, repair, and maintain balance for healthy, sustained skin for increased confidence and well-being."

Asked what sets Eucerin apart from other brands of the same type of products, Lima said: "For all people to feel comfortable in their own skin, Eucerin develops high quality and effective products based on the latest dermatological findings – this means that the effectiveness, safety and skin tolerance of both our active ingredients and our products, are clinically proven. Supported by more than 100 years of research, Eucerin is recognized for its dermo-cosmetic care and is recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists worldwide."

Colloidal Oatmeal Enriched Eczema Creams

Colloidal oatmeal has been used to treat itchy, dry, and irritated skin for ages. Moisturizers, shampoos, and shaving creams commonly contain this natural component.

The oat grain, or Avena sativa, is ground into a fine powder to make colloidal oatmeal. Because it contains lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients demonstrated to improve the skin, it is classified as an emollient. Colloidal oatmeal was first classified as a skin protectant by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2003.

Eucerin has its Skin Calming Natural Oatmeal Enriched Creme, a gentle, non-greasy formula that combines gentle, non-greasy formula that helps relieve dry and itchy skin. Eucerin Daily Hydration Moisturizer and Sunscreen Hand Creme, meanwhile, act as a two-in-one hand moisturizer by moisturizing dry skin while helping protect hands from sun exposure. It is also non-greasy, fast-absorbing, fragrance-free, dye-free, and paraben-free. It can give a softer and smoother feeling on the hands, even with just one use.

Most people have found colloidal oatmeal to be harmless. Allergic responses are extremely uncommon. In fact, over three years, 445,820 customers of colloidal-oatmeal-containing personal care products reported zero allergic reactions.

Furthermore, just 1% of participants in a large trial of 2,291 people reported low-level irritation after wearing a colloidal oatmeal patch for 24 hours. Furthermore, most patients observed consistent dampness for up to two weeks after using the patch.

Those with a confirmed oat allergy, however, should avoid colloidal oatmeal. If you suffer any unpleasant side effects after taking colloidal oatmeal, such as burning, rash, or stinging, stop using it and consult your doctor.

Does Eucerin Remove Pigmentation?

Eucerin has a range of products meant for anti-pigmentation.

Hyper-pigmentation, or dark patches and age spots (also known as sunspots) that make skin look uneven, can be caused by the sun, hormonal effects, and ageing. The Eucerin Anti-Pigment line was created to reduce hyper-pigmentation for smoother, more luminous skin.

Thiamidol, an effective and patented chemical that acts at the root cause of hyper-pigmentation by lowering melanin production, is found in all four products - a day cream, a night cream, a dual serum, and a spot corrector. It has been shown to minimize dark spots and prevent them from reappearing in clinical and dermatological studies. The first results appear after two weeks and continue to improve with continued use. The Dual Serum is now available in a mono-chamber pack that combines the two primary active components for easy application while maintaining the same high efficacy. The revolutionary serum, which has been demonstrated to decrease pigment spots by up to 75%, guarantees the same potent efficacy.

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